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Orange Oil Valencia - Pure, Undiluted, Therapeutic & Food Grade

Our pure, therapeutic & food grade Orange Oil Valenica is undiluted. It is produced from the finest Florida oranges. Orange Oil Valencia has many applications and is an important flavoring ingredient in baked goods, hard candies, gummies and a wide range of chocolate products.

1406-2427Oil Orange Valenica C.P. FCC - 2 fl. oz. bottle$6.45
1406-2428Oil Orange Valencia C.P. FCC - 4 fl. oz. bottle$10.02
1406-2429Oil Orange Valenica C.P. FCC - 8 fl. oz. bottle$18.29
1406-2430Oil Orange Valenica C.P. FCC - 16 fl. oz. bottle$33.58
1406-2431Oil Orange Valenica C.P. FCC - 6.61 lb. container$158.44

Orange Oil Valencia is highly concentrated and should be used very sparingly. We also recommend that gloves and eye protection be used when handling orange or any other essential oils.

Our therapeutic & food grade Orange Oil Valenica is 100% pure and undiluted. It meets the FCC specifications.

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