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Anise Oil - Pure, Undiluted, Therapeutic & Food Grade

Apex's Anise Oil is distilled from Star Anise (Illium verum). An evergreen shrub native to Southwest China, the essential oil is steam distilled from the star shaped fruit that gives the plant its name. Rich in naturally occurring anethole, the oil has a wonderful licorice flavor and aroma.

One of the many uses for anise oil is to flavor licorice and other confectionery products. It is a popular flavor ingredient for baking and is used in many Italian, German, Chinese and Vietnamese baked goods. Anise oil is also widely used in processed meats and is an important flavoring ingredient in pepperoni. This oil can be used as a one for one replacement for Oil Anise Seed.

1403-2437Anise Oil - 2 fl. oz. bottle$5.72
1403-2438Anise Oil - 4 fl. oz. bottle$8.58
1403-2439Anise Oil - 8 fl. oz. bottle$15.40
1403-2440Anise Oil - 16 fl. oz. bottle$27.81
1403-2441Anise Oil - 6.61 lb. container$135.70

We recommend that gloves and eye protection be used when handling anise oil or any other essential oils. Our therapeutic and food grade grade Anise Oil is 100% pure. Undiluted, it contains no diluent and meets the FCC specifications.

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