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Saffron Extract, Natural (Crocus sativus)

Saffron Extract, Natural (Crocus sativus) was developed as a flavor ingredient for use in food and beverages. A hydro-alcoholic extraction of the the dried stigmas of Crocus sativus, it contains the same compounds found in saffron pills and extracts claiming to suppress appetite, reduce cravings and boost metabolism. This extract has a earthy, somewhat sweet flavor profile that is hard to characterize as either sweet or savory. It can be used in wide range of food and beverage applications. In most applications we recommend a starting use level of 0.30%. Saffron is a sophisticated flavor for use in a wide range of foods including baked goods such as cakes and cookies. This extract will impart some of saffron's typical yellow color to most products. The intensity will vary depending on the use level.

561BOT-4656Saffron Extract, Natural (Crocus sativus) - 2 fl. oz. glass bottle$27.96
561BOT-4657Saffron Extract, Natural (Crocus sativus) - 4 fl. oz. glass bottle$52.02
561BOT-4658Saffron Extract, Natural (Crocus sativus) - 8 fl. oz. glass bottle$102.29
561BOT-4659Saffron Extract, Natural (Crocus sativus) - 1 Quart plastic bottle$232.88
561BOT-4660Saffron Extract, Natural (Crocus sativus) - 1 Gallon plastic jug$842.26

Saffron Extract, Natural (Crocus sativus) contains extractives of saffron, ethyl alcohol and water.

  • For Cakes, Cookies & Frosting.
  • Bake & Freeze Proof.
  • True to Nature Profiles.
  • Water Soluble.
  • Kosher Certified.

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Kosher – Product is kosher certified by Earth Kosher.