Our products are not sold for use as flavor for e-cigarettes.
We do not supply e-liquid manufacturers or home hobbyists making e-liquids.

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Organic Lemon Extract, Natural - Coming Soon

Organic Lemon Extract, Natural can be used for baking, confectionery and beverage applications. This extract is made using more than ninety five percent organic content and is suitable for all categories of organic food and beverage products besides 100% organic. One teaspoon is sufficient for your typical cake or cookie recipe. In a commercial baking application start at 0.30% by weight and adjust as needed. In most beverages, we recommend a starting use level of 0.10%.

905ORG-4798Organic Lemon Extract, Natural - Coming Soon - 1 Gallon plastic jug$0.00

Organic Lemon Extract, Natural contains organic ethyl alcohol, water and organic lemon oil. This extract is sugar and gluten-free.

Information for E-Cigarette and Non Food & Drink Buyers

Kosher – Product is kosher certified by Earth Kosher.