Our products are not sold for use as flavor for e-cigarettes.
We do not supply e-liquid manufacturers or home hobbyists.


Essential Oils for Flavor

Produced from the flowers, leaves, stems, roots, peel, or bark of plants and fruit, the aroma compounds known as essential oils are so named because they capture the distilled essence of a plant’s natural aroma and flavor. These highly-concentrated compounds deliver a ton of flavor in just a drop or two. Citrus and fresh-mint essential oils, like lemon, orange, and peppermint, are widely used in candies; high-end bakeries and confectionaries also use floral essential oils such as lavender to flavor their gourmet treats. Savory spice and herb essential oils, like sage and basil, can add depth and richness to soups, stews, roasts, and sauces without an herb garden. All of the products in our essential oils line are pure, undiluted, therapeutic and food grade, ideal for use as flavoring.

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