Boysenberry Type, Natural Flavor Blend

Our fanciful Boysenberry Type, Natural Flavor Blend is a popular flavor for use in ice cream and other dairy based frozen-desserts. We recommend a starting use level of 0.60% or 0.95 ounces per gallon (144 ounces) of ice cream base.

Sku Product Name Price Quantity
340ICR-6289Boysenberry Type, Natural Flavor Blend - 2 fl. oz. glass bottle$8.46
340ICR-6285Boysenberry Type, Natural Flavor Blend - 4 fl. oz. glass bottle$12.73
340ICR-6286Boysenberry Type, Natural Flavor Blend - 8 fl. oz. glass bottle$24.41
340ICR-6287Boysenberry Type, Natural Flavor Blend - 1 Quart plastic bottle$60.85
340ICR-6288Boysenberry Type, Natural Flavor Blend - 1 Gallon plastic jug$206.63

Apex's Boysenberry, Natural Flavor Blend contains propylene glycol and natural flavor. This extract is sugar and gluten-free.

  • True to nature profiles.
  • High Impact.
  • Water soluble.
  • Kosher.

Kosher – Product is kosher certified by Earth Kosher. Gluten Free – Product does not contain gluten. Nut Free – Does not contain peanuts or tree nuts.  Processed in a peanut and tree nut free facility. Water Soluble – Flavor is Water Soluble and cuts slear in water and alcohol.
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