Pet Care

All Flavors for Pet Care (Alphabetical)

Most Americans consider their dogs and cats members of their family and spend more on their companion animals than they do on alcohol and coffee. They believe their pets deserve the same quality food as the human members of their family and look for fresh, nutritious food and treats. The palatability of pet food (dry kibble and wet canned food), treats and CBD and other medicinal edibles and tinctures can be improved by the addition of flavors, which increase acceptance by our pets and determine their effectiveness. Our flavors are natural, vegan, clean label and are made with the same care and attention to quality as the flavors we manufacture for food and beverage. Many of these flavors have been tested in kibble, biscuits, and moist treats with as many as 25 dogs of different breeds, age, sex and size to show first choice acceptance. The treats with our flavors were the consistently the first choice of these dogs when compared to unflavored treats.

An alphabetical list of all the pet food and treat flavors we offer. This is an easy way to review our product line. We regularly add new flavors. If you need a flavor that is not listed, please contact us with your request.

Flavors for Dog Food and Treats (By Flavor Type)

Apex flavors, Inc. offers a range of oil and water soluble flavors specifically formulated for use in pet food. Our oil soluble flavors are compatible with most fixed oils including fractionated coconut oil (MCT or medium chain triglycerides). Many of our dog food and treat flavors have undergone palatability studies to determine their effectiveness.

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