Varietal Chili Extracts and Flavors

Water Soluble Chili Extracts (Alphabetical)

Varietal chilies, like so many other varietal fruits and vegetables are of growing interest to American consumers. This interest is driven by a range of factors and converging consumer trends including the popularity of fresh and locally grown foods, organics, sustainability, ethnic seasonings/flavors and a growing acceptance of very hot and spicy foods.

Twenty-five years ago American consumers were first introduced to chilies as a result of the growing popularity of Tex-Mex, Chinese, Thai and other ethnic foods. Hot and spicy, though mild by today’s standards, was the rage and the use of varietals such as jalapeno and habanero quickly jumped from trendy to main-stream. Today, as consumer taste has become more sophisticated, interest in truly authentic ethnic foods has grown. Tex-Mex cooking has now been eclipsed by regional Mexican cooking, where varietal chili flavors are essential for a truly authentic experience.

Apex Flavors, Inc., in response to this demand now offers a line of clean label, water dispersible varietal chili extracts for use in most aqueous food applications including beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), sauces, soups and dressings. Our extraction process captures the subtle variation in flavor unique to each chili varietal and typically lost in the extraction process.

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