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Bourbon Vanilla Beans - Whole and Ground

Apex sells only gourmet, prime Bourbon vanilla beans. These are also referred to as Grade A1 or Quality 1. Our beans are moist and flexible, full of seeds with a rich, deep black coloration. They are the cream of the crop and represent some of the finest vanilla beans produced in Madagascar each year.

These high-quality vanilla beans can be purchased as either whole or ground beans. Whole vanilla beans are packed in vacuum-sealed pouches and sold by weight. The bean count per pouch can vary, depending on the size of the beans. As a general rule, a quarter-pound pouch contains 23 to 27 beans, a half-pound pouch contains 45 to 55 beans, and a one-pound pouch contains 90 to 110 vanilla beans. If you require an exact bean count, we recommend choosing one of our specific bean count options, sold in multiples of 3, 5, 10, 12, 25, and 50 beans.

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Vanilla Extracts, Pastes, and Powders

Our Silver Cloud Flavor brand of Pure Vanilla Extract is manufactured in accordance with the U.S. standard of identity, To be labeled as pure vanilla extract it has to satisfy a number of FDA requirements. It must contain a minimum of 35.00% alcohol by volume. It can contain, but is not required to contain, glycerin, water, and corn syrup. Most importantly, every gallon of Pure Vanilla Extract has to be made with no less than 13.35 ounces of cured, cut vanilla beans with a moisture content no greater than 25.00%. Beyond moisture content, the vanilla beans are not required to meet any other requirements for quality. There are no requirements regarding the origin of the beans or the extraction process used. As a result, the quality of Pure Vanilla Extracts can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, depending on the quality and origin of the beans used and the extraction method.

More concentrated Pure Vanilla Extract is commonly available in 2, 3, and 4-fold versions. Fold refers to a relative measure of strength; a 2-fold pure vanilla extract is approximately twice as concentrated as Pure Vanilla Extract. and is produced using twice the weight of beans

Due to weather, security, labor issues and a number of other factors, prices for vanilla beans and vanilla extract periodically skyrocket and there are shortages. Apex offers a number of Value Vanilla products. These cost effective replacements are available as natural and artificial flavors. We also offer high quality natural replacements for both Pure Vanilla Extract and Pure Vanilla Extract 2-Fold.

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Ground Vanilla Beans, Seeds or Specks (Caviar)

Vanilla Bean Seeds or Specks, sometimes referred to as “vanilla caviar,” are used primarily for visual appeal. These seeds or specks contain very little flavor, since they are a byproduct of the manufacture of vanilla extract. Therefore, they are mainly used in vanilla ice cream or other applications where the visual of vanilla specks is desired.

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