Our products are not sold for use in e-cigarettes or other similar electronic smoking devices. We do not supply e-liquid manufacturers or home hobbyists making e-liquids.

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Welcome to Apex Flavors!

Apex Flavors, Inc. is now the home of Silver Cloud Estates. Our management team remains in place, and we are committed to supplying companies and home hobbyists with extracts and flavors that stimulate the senses and make our customers' products taste better.

The original Silver Cloud Estates was founded in 2006 to sell the vanilla beans and vanilla extract produced on its namesake estate. Ten years later, we now offer way more than just vanilla —with over 300 unique flavors and extracts in our catalog, we thought it was time for a new name to better capture who we are and what we do. We have decided to keep the Silver Cloud logo, both in recognition of our company’s origin story and as a symbol of the quality our customers can continue to expect from our products. However, we will be changing our brand name from Silver Cloud Estates to Silver Cloud Flavors, to acknowledge our expansion and extensive flavor library.

Our goal is to be the supplier of choice to small and medium-sized food and beverage companies. No matter the size of your order, you will receive the same courteous customer service and prompt shipment. We process and ship 90.00% of our orders within 48 hours of their being placed. Home brewers, bakers, cake decorators, and other hobbyists have discovered that using our flavors, which are formulated for professionals, can help bring out the very best in their projects. We offer all of our products in small sizes to make them more accessible to the hobbyist.

The Apex product line includes citrus, berry, spice and herb, nut, orchard fruit, floral, tropical, melon, savory, and sweet flavors as well as vanilla and tea extracts, natural antioxidants and essential oils.

With the exception of our vanilla and tea extracts, all of our flavors are manufactured just outside of Baltimore, Maryland. Complete documentation including kosher certification, specifications, material safety data sheets, and flavor ingredient data sheets, is available upon request.

Our management fosters a company culture that expects integrity and excellence from our employees. As a team we strive every day to provide our customers with superior flavors and the highest level of service.

We love what we do!

Our Mission:

To help our customers bring out the best possible taste in their food and beverage products by supplying superior flavors. Our products represent the apex of the art and science of our craft, while delivering exceptional value and service.

Become a retail partner and have your store sell our extracts!