New Extracts and Flavors

New Extracts and Flavors For Baking and Other Food Applications

We never stop creating new, exciting extracts, flavors and emulsions for product developers and serious home hobbyist needing high quality water soluble flavors for baked goods and other food applications.

New Extracts and Flavors for Alcoholic Beverages

New Products for Alcoholic Beverages - We never stop creating new, exciting extracts, flavors and emulsions to benefit brewers, craft distillers and winemakers, formulated specifically for use in beer, cider, wine and spirits

New Extracts and Flavors for Non-Alcoholic Beverages

New Products for Non-Alcoholic Beverages - These new flavors and extracts taste amazing in a wide range of still and carbonated beverage applications including fruit drinks, nutritional beverages and sports drink

New Oil Soluble Extracts and Flavors

  • These new CBD oil soluable flavors are formulated for use in CBD tinctures, edibles and other applications requiring high impact oil soluble flavors. They are compatible with most fixed oils including fractionated coconut oil (MCT or medium chain triglycerides). We can also custom formulate flavors to meet specific strength, solubility, masking and other criteria.
  • These new confectionery oil soluble flavors are formulated to with stand the high temperatures associated with making hard candy.

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