Document Request Policy

We understand our customers need to vet their suppliers in order to ensure the integrity and safety of their products. Due to the volume of documentation requests received each week, we have established the following policy:

We will supply established wholesale accounts the following documents at no-charge.  Many of these can be printed from the individual product pages on our website.

•  Allergen Statement

• Certificate of Analysis (email request to

• Country of Origin

• Continuing Product Guarantee

FID Sheet (email request to

Food Grade

• Gluten Statement

• Irradiation and Sewage Sludge Statement

• Kosher Certificate

• Letter of Guarantee

Melamine Statement

• Natural Certificate

• Non-GMO Statement

• Nutritional Statement

• Safety Data Sheet

• Specifications

TSE / BSE Statement

• Vegan Statement

Extensive product questionnaires and other forms will only be completed for wholesale accounts.  Depending on the extent of the documentation request, a fee of $100 - $250 may be charged.  Please send these requests to For COA’s and FID Sheets, please email the contact email listed above.

Retail customers are welcome to print documents from the individual product pages on our website. Written documentation beyond what is available on our website, will not be provided to retail customers.  For any questions, please email

REVISED: 2/24/2022

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