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Apex's extracts and flavors are offered for sale by cake decorating, specialty food and beer brewing and winemaking supply stores throughout the United States. We are always searching, however, for great new retail partners.

We offer a complete line of over 300 retail extracts and flavors for baking and alcoholic beverages, which are sold under the Silver Cloud Flavors brand. Our products are used by many celebrity cake decorators and bakers who value their quality and the flavor they impart to baked goods, buttercream and other frostings. Over 500 breweries and wineries use our extracts and flavors in some of their best-selling products.

All of our extracts and flavors, except our vanilla extract, are manufactured in Baltimore, Maryland. The majority of these are water-soluble, natural, kosher, non-GMO, allergen, sugar and gluten free. We also offer many products that are clean-label and do not contain propylene glycol. Available in both 2- and 4-ounce sizes, we use only glass bottles for our retail extracts and flavors. This helps ensure product quality and integrity, since plastic bottles degrade during prolonged storage.

While our products are available for sale on our website, in order to support our retail partners, we do not discount our prices or offer free shipping.

If you would like to become one of our retail partners, please fill in the form below and someone from Apex Flavors will get back to you.


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