Our products are not sold for use as flavor for e-cigarettes.
We do not supply e-liquid manufacturers or home hobbyists making e-liquids.

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Organic Flavors & Emulsions (By Organic Category)

Apex offers four categories of Organic flavors. Our 100% Organic, and Organic flavors are certified. Organic Compliant and Organic Compatible flavors can be used in all but 100% organic food and beverages products, but are not certified. All of our organic products are non-GMO, natural and propylene glycol free. Our certified Organic flavors contain a minimum of ninety five percent organic content.

Our Organic Compliant flavors also contain a minimum of 95% organic content. These extracts and emulsions were certified, but as a result of their being re-packed into smaller containers, the certification is no-longer valid. All Organic Compliant flavors can be purchased in their original gallon containers and are then either 100% Organic or Organic certified.

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