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Vanilla Extract, Natural WONF

Our Vanilla Extract, Natural WONF is a cost effective one for one replacement for pure vanilla extract in baked goods, ice cream and beverages. This extract, which contains 25.00% pure vanilla extract, should be labeled as a natural flavor on your product's ingredient statement. One teaspoon of Vanilla Extract, Natural WONF has the equivalent flavor and strength of one teaspoon of pure vanilla extract. Anyone looking for an affordable alternative to pure vanilla extract, that does not want to compromise on flavor, should evaluate this extract in their products. You and your customers will not be able to tell the difference.

494-4242Vanilla Extract, Natural WONF - 2 fl. oz. glass bottle$6.79
494-4243Vanilla Extract, Natural WONF - 4 fl. oz. glass bottle$10.20
494-4244Vanilla Extract, Natural WONF - 8 fl. oz. glass bottle$18.55
494-4245Vanilla Extract, Natural WONF - 1 Quart plastic bottle$51.25
494-4246Vanilla Extract, Natural WONF - 1 Gallon plastic jug$196.36

Our Vanilla Extract, Natural WONF (LC) contains water, propylene glycol, ethyl alcohol, extractives vanilla, natural flavor and glycerin.

  • For Cakes, Cookies & Frosting.
  • Bake & Freeze Proof.
  • True to Nature Profiles.
  • Water Soluble.
  • Kosher Certified.

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Kosher – Product is kosher certified by Earth Kosher.